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Spirit Dolls


Spirit dolls have been used as talismans to bring good fortune and protection to people all over the globe for thousands of years.  They have taken many forms and been called by many different names, but all have given their owners a sense of connection with a force greater than themselves.

Three Spirit Dolls on my dresser

Spirit Dolls  were the first project I was inspired to try with my stash of fabric and trim from Fabmo.  I had such a great time making them and didn’t know if anyone else would like them.    I have added other dolls and creatures to my inventory, but I think I will always want to make my Spirit Dolls.  When I am making one, I love the way she seems to tell me what she wants me to do.  I was so thrilled to find there was a market for them, so I can keep making them and sending them out into the world.

These were the very first Spirit Dolls I made. I kept the center one. She and her “sisters” have really inspired a whole new chapter of my life.

By November 2009, I had quite a group of dolls ready for my first craft fair at the San Jose Woman’s Club.

Some little mothers with their babies at For Pete’s Sake Boutique in 2010

Spirit Dolls join some of my other creations at a display at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles gift shop in conjunction with a Scrap Quilt Exhibit in Aug. 2011