Lately I have let my imagination run wild, and the result is a batch of otherworldly creatures.  Some seem to be from another planet, others might be found living under the bed.  But they all are peaceful and friendly and not a bit threatening.  Image









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  1. THESE ARE FABULOUS!! That first one looks like Paul, the alien in that movie!

    Great work!!!!!!! Anomalies is a very good name!! Did you send them to Lisa?


  2. Hey Jane,

    I would like to buy at least four Anomalies….can I pick out the ones I like from this email….or is there a site where I can see them? How much?


    Lee Ellis


    • Really? Wow! I need to tell you that these aren’t good for children, if you wanted them for your grandkids. They have small pieces on them, aren’t washable and wouldn’t hold up to being slung around.

  3. these are so great! i love the one who looks like he was up all night drinking. i also love the fuzzy bear like one. they are really cute, each and every one! 😀

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