JuJu Dolls



JuJu dolls are a part of the New Orleans Voodoo tradition. They are meant to bring their owners good luck and protection from negativity. My dolls are all hand made with love, in the traditional way, containing Spanish moss in the stuffing and pine needles added somewhere on the doll. They are adorned with buttons, charms, trinkets, shell, beads and feathers.

I have included a pocket or purse on each doll for you to personalize bu tucking in a memento, wish, photo, lock of hair, nail clipping, or a snippet of a favorite garment.


These cats are considered especially lucky for gambling ventures

These cats are especially lucky for gambling ventures









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    • I saw your Dia de los Muertos doll and it is wonderful. A few years ago I made some small fabric skulls which I painted and embroidered for a DOD show, so I can only imagine how much work the whole doll was! Also, I have recently started making some fabric monsters, but haven’t tried selling them yet. We have something else in common-I grew up in Albuquerque.

      • Thank you so much! YES! The embroidery work on my Day of the Dead dolls takes a very long time — and makes my hands ache! Because of all the time they take, I rarely get commissions for them.

    • I would know how to buy on also if they are for sale! These are too cute. Please let me know. Have a great day! Thank you, Teresa

      • Hi Teresa
        I recently moved and have not checked my blog for a while. I do have a couple of dolls available. they are about 14″ tall and sell for $40. I can send pictures of the ones I have if you would like.
        Thanks for your interest!

      • Yes I would love to see what they look like. Can they be made any smaller? I want one for gambling and money purposes. Thank you so much!!!

      • Hi Teresa-Yes, they can be made just about any size. The Black Cat Juju’s are said to be especially lucky for gambling. My sewing room is still in disarray, so don’t know when I will be able to make more. I will send pictures of what I have as soon as I can. Thanks!

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